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Start your journey now! 

This is our brand ambassador Ryan Kehoe showing off his SmartSoles gear! 


Our company SmartSoles is a new high tech, innovative product designed to direct you from one place to another with ease and efficiency. SmartSoles provides shoe soles that serve as an alternative for your average GPS.  

How does it work? Once you plug your destination into our downloaded SmartSoles app the chip inside of the soles will connect to the directions and guide you with comfort. The chip contains vibrating abilities that notify you which way to turn. A left turn will indicate the left sole to vibrate and vice versa for the right, going straight both soles will vibrate. 

Being smart is being safe, the safety of our customers is our number one priority, so every sole comes with an SOS feature. 

We provide a subscription-based program which is the next step for customers. Instead of making a one-time purchase you will be able to invest in our company. We have three different packages to fit all audiences. As you go from the standard to premium to platinum packages, additions such as a fitness tracker and more advanced app are added.  

The time for a smart and easy GPS system is now. Be a smart soul and purchase SmartSoles now, here to make your life easier and smarter one step at a time! 

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